The founding board members of All of God’s Children have each expanded their families through adoption from Russia. Helping children in Russia, therefore, continues to be a passion for us.

It is our goal to continue to help out when we have opportunity in this vast country. In 2012 we supported the Alexandrov Infant’s Home. This orphanage is about 300 miles northeast of Moscow and houses roughly 50 children from birth to age five.

While we are impressed with the loving and nurturing care given to these children and with the cleanliness of the orphanage, we are saddened at their current living conditions and will continue to work with this orphanage on future projects.

The charity also has provided assistance and goods for other orphanages in Russia as well as supporting The Wish Upon a Star program to help older Russian children who have little hope of being adopted now that they are older.

It is the goal of the charity to continue to improve the quality of life for children at Russian orphanages through continued support and aid.

If you would like to donate to children in Russia, please designate “Russian Projects” in the notes section when you donate today.

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